Friday, July 26, 2019

Leadership Paradigm Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Leadership Paradigm - Assignment Example l (2008), the concept of pastoral leadership from the perspective of scholars and writers who have expounded upon the New Testament is extensive and comprises of several understandings. However, at the same time it is important to understand that these elements essentially rest upon the distinctive foundations of the church and hence, these explanations cannot be applied in the shape of a generalized form. Accordingly, the reflections of writers may also appear in these understandings of the ministry leadership as a consequence of varying backgrounds, upbringing and social stature. Therefore, it is significant to comment on whether it is possible to present a uniform perspective regarding the clauses of pastoral leadership and what it entails. Through his work, Tidball’s (2005) comprehension of leadership paradigms becomes relevant within the context of understanding how leadership can guide and direct the spiritual objectives of local church establishments and communities. This is an important factor in understanding the scope of small scale pastoral leadership and how it can impact the lives of individuals. In the first scenario, Tidball’s (2008) recommendations regarding leadership paradigms is reflected in the assessment of what is termed as a ‘model of permission’. Through the analysis of this model, the spiritual authority and offerings of the place of worship are characterized by opportunities to assess objectives in a liberated and open environment without the restrictions of any figure to directly impact the progress of individuals and communities who attend the church. Accordingly, the second leadership paradigm identified by Tidball (2008) focuses upon conducting an insightful and in- depth exploration of the requirements of the modern church and communities thereby, ensuring that spiritual progress is not stunted through the need to execute outdated models which may not work successfully in every scenario. This concept abides by a perspective

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