Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Math Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Math Project - Essay Example The body structures like kidneys, respiratory structures have been able to be shown on their functionality which has played a major role in improving the treatment of its illnesses. Mathematical models have also helped in the coming up with structures like structures and machines contributing largely to the development of technology. Buildings are first sketched into shapes which are preferably and through that they are able to calculate on the materials to be used in the buildings. Through the models people have tried to come up with various ideas on how they can construct and also improving on the kind of structures to be put in place. Bigger and better buildings have been able to be constructed through mathematical models improving its technology as they use better machinery (Berry 2006, pg.41). Through the models most of the people who have visualize are able to put up into images and the mathematical modeling they are able to come up with building of various different shapes (Kl amkin 2007, pg.45). This has led to the emergence of machineries which are used in making work easier. Scientists find it easier to use models in coming up with ideas while creating machines in different fields. Mathematics models help in solving engineering complexities brought about by the technology evolution. It assists by giving out possibilities to be used in order to manage the technological complexities incurred. They are able to give new ideas or solutions in fewer periods thus more innovations leading to a positive effect to the industry saving time and money. Graphs have also contributed largely in determining the trend or behavior of certain things like in medicine it is used in hospitals in testing pulse rate, blood pressure and other illnesses. Through the graphics instruments in mathematical modeling various people are able to use in stating their industry’s potential like the industry is able to tell if there has been a rise in their profitability and also be able to see their trend and compare it with other competing companies (Gibbons 2005, pg.12). Mathematical models have been used as a teaching guide to the children as they are taught various shapes. In education and also industries it has been able to help in calculation of volume, mass which makes it easier. It has been used in calculating the amount of cement in building, construction and also in medicine in finding the amount or quantity of medicine to patients. Mathematics has contributed largely to the world’s technology evolution. Its contribution has played a major role in many technologies being discovered either scientifically as is assists in calculation etc. Most of the building or infrastructure has majorly depended on calculations in order to put up structures (Berry 2006, pg.67). Through calculus and geometry they are able to construct a sketch on the architecture world. Mathematics provides the platform for architecture through the measurements for example math ematics contributes the unit of measurement for building in meters, inches or feet in which technology simply encodes and decodes. Mathematics also contributes to building of technological hardware because it creates basis of forming these hardwares through shapes and sizes. Sizes in the sense that the developers use inches and centimeters to create these hardwares otherwise technology would not have a standard for example the developers of computers use inches to

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