Thursday, October 24, 2019

Educational Philosophy Statement :: Education Teaching Progressivism Essays

Educational Philosophy Statement Education is everywhere. This is why teachers need to be the best they can be. Since all children and adolescents are required to attend school, they need teachers that care about them and their education. In order for a teacher to be able to do this, he/she needs to understand the nature of students and knowledge. These two things go together. A teacher also needs to know what the purpose of an education is because without knowing, a teacher does not really have a purpose. In my philosophy, I will discuss why I think my curricular area is important and how I will professionally develop myself to become the best teacher I can be. To begin, we need to understand the nature of students. The nature of students varies between individuals. The majority of students are well-behaved and come to school ready to learn. Part of this is due to the way they have been raised, but most students are basically good. There is a small percent of students whose nature, it seems, is to make everyone miserable. I do not know if this is because of a difficult childhood at home or because the student just likes to be the center of attention. Either way, there are always students that will give their teachers a hard time. I guess this is their nature. Every individual is different, therefore, the nature of the students I will teach some day will be different depending on their background and other various things that may happen to them as they grow up. For example, a student that has lost a sibling due to an illness or accident, may become very bitter throughout life. The nature of this student’s be havior which is being shaped by this may make this student a cold-hearted and mean student. These are the students that teachers need to spend extra time with and try to make them feel loved, no matter how hard this may be. I, as a future teacher, need to look at students and try to help them out no matter how difficult that may be.

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