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Theoretical concepts Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Theoretical concepts - Research Paper Example y was to examine the effects of selected person-environment variables as they influenced psychological adaptation in home hospice patients† (Dobratz, 1993, p. 712). Based on the PowerPoint slide, â€Å"The world of research theory: Building the theoretical framework,† a purpose statement clarifies the direction of research, the relationships among the concepts in the study, and often provides the most information about the intent of the research problem. In addition, according to the PowerPoint slide, a purpose statement should clearly state why the researcher is conducting the study. These â€Å"entities† are present in Dobratz (1993) but not all of them are wholly present in the purpose section of the article (p. 712). However, considering the article in its totality, the elements of purpose statements are fully there. Proposition 1: person-environment variables positively influence psychological adaptation to dying. This proposition relates the concepts â€Å"person-environment variables† and â€Å"psychological adaptation to dying†. One conceptual definition is on psychological processes. It is conceptually defined in the article as those â€Å"used by individuals to adapt both to self and to environmental influences (Dobratz, 1993 citing Hann, 1969, 1977). Another conceptual definition is â€Å"physical function† or the â€Å"degree of dependence on other persons for assistance as measured by Karnofsky, Abelmann, Craver, and Burchenal† (Debrotz, 1993, p. 713). The dependent variable is â€Å"psychological adaptation to dying† as indicated by the â€Å"state of well-being related to life satisfaction† as measured by the Affect Balance Scale described in Dobratz (1993, p. 713). The independent variables are age, length of illness since diagnosis, gender, social support as perceived by the ill (perception of value, group belonging, provision of attachment/intimacy, chance for nurturance, etc.), and pain intensity as developed by Melzack (1975). Consistent with

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