Sunday, October 6, 2019

Ethical reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethical reflection - Essay Example Although it is unclear with respect to whether or not one or both of the twins could have survived if more timely action had taken place, it is affirmatively clear that the likelihood of one of the twins surviving could have been maximized if the hospital had the potential to perform the abortion when it was immediately required. Sadly, because of the ethical interpretation that such institutions hold onto, a baseline of help that would have been available to the patient was non-existent; further restricting the potential resources and means of address that this particular situation required. A further ethical reflection reveals the fact that even though an element of the Hippocratic Oath requires the medical professional to do no harm, they are also required to address the healthcare needs and promote life whenever possible. As can be seen, these two requirements of the Hippocratic oath, into conflict with one another with regards to the case in question. Rather than abandoning the Hippocratic Oath and attempting to forge and new ethical consideration that could address the situation at hand, it must be understood that the unique case represents a situation in which definitive action must be taken as a means of preserving the potential life that existed within the womb (Raghavan 1). By refusing the act in a time of need, the ethical burden is not only on the hospital and its staff with respect to not performing the abortion in conjunction with the parent’s wishes, it is also at fault for seeing the situation, prescribing a solution scenario, and then not addressi ng this scenario in the correct way. A further level of understanding and ethical analysis can be had with respect to the fact that the medical professionals intimately knew what was required in order for one of the fetuses to have a chance at viability; however, due to

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