Friday, November 8, 2019

Mute swans essays

Mute swans essays Mute Swans were transported to the United States from Europe many years ago for very wealthy land owners that thought the swans would make a sophisticated and elegant addition to their ponds. The swans adjusted to their new environment very well, and over many years spread across much of the Eastern United States. Presently, the Mute Swans are being blamed for damaging the ecosystem in many eastern states. Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, the Carolinas, and Georgia have all reported the swans are causing extensive damage. Maryland has been hurt far worse than any of the other states. Specifically, Marylands sensitive Chesapeake Bay is approaching having its entire ecosystems thrown off balance due to the reduction of the bays aquatic grasses. A primary reason the bays grasses are diminishing is the Mute Swan is eating and destroying the grasses before they can grow back. The reduction of the Chesapeake Bays aquatic grasses is a serious problem that will continue to g et worse until the Mute Swan population is reduced. John Foster, a retired DNR employ and a current Environmental Consulting Services employ, agrees that the swans impact on the bay is extensive and the problem must be solved. Many barriers, however, are standing in the way which prevent people from solving the problem. Mute Swans, unfortunately, are considered wetland game birds which makes it illegal to kill them under Maryland state law. Marylands Department of Natural Resources applied for kill permits; citizens could shoot about sixty seven percent of the over three thousand swans in Maryland to reduce but not deplete the population (Humane Society). This particular plan to bring the number of swans to a manageable level was quickly dropped by DNR because the public responded very negatively to the idea of citizens killing the birds. Many animal rights activists took DNR to court and had this plan blo...

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