Monday, November 18, 2019

The Effects of Fast Food Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Effects of Fast Food - Research Paper Example Its aggressive popularity can be assessed from the fact that in the year 1970, the amount of money used for the purchase of fast food was 6 billion dollars but in the year 2000, greater than 110 billion dollars were spent by the Americans on fast food. It can hence be concluded that the citizens of the United States expend a higher sum for utilizing fast food in comparison to their expenditures which include education or purchase of automobiles or new technological gadgets (Schlosser 3). The boom of the fast food industry has brought with it many effects on the American society which are not only restricted to the health of an individual but also include economic, environmental as well as cultural effects. The fast paced lifestyle of the Americans has driven them to increase their consumption of fast food and this had led to increased intake of food with low nutritive value and comprising mainly of fats. Fast food consumers do not tend to have a balanced diet and the ratio of fats an d carbohydrates consumed is much higher than is needed. Furthermore, important food components like milk, fibers and fruits are skipped from the diet due to increased fast food eating. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, 11.3 percent of the daily caloric intake of individuals in the United States was from fast food between the years 2007 till 2010. This excessive consumption of fast food is greatly linked with a rise in the weight of an individual as increased calories are consumed in comparison to the amount of calories that are burnt (Bowman et al 112; Fryar and Ervin 1,5). Thus, a sharp rise in the statistics of obesity has been identified in the United States. Numerous studies have also highlighted this fact that the easy availability of fast food along with a rise in the intake of fast food has promoted obesity. This has provided for a rise in the obese individuals as well as the diseases related to obesity (Jeffery & French 277,278 ; Edelstein & Sharlin 240). The negative effects incurred on the health of an individual are many and recent studies have been indicating the fact that these health effects are not only associated with obesity. According to one study, it was highlighted that fast food has a very bad impact on the integrity of the optimum functioning of the liver of an individual. The liver cells do not perform optimally and increased consumption could eventually lead to inflammation followed by liver failure (Daily Mail Reporter). Another study conducted by the Canadian Journal of Cardiology explained the fact that even a single fast food meal could affect the structure and functions of the blood vessels in the human body. This altered structure could then lead to the pathological condition known as atherosclerosis (Kirkpatrick). The health effects of fast food can best be demonstrated by researching upon the lifestyle of the individuals residing in the city of Loma Linda in California. The average life expectancy of the people residing in the city is above 80 years and this has been due to the vegan diet of the people residing there. This has also been linked with the absence of many fast food restaurants in the city. Thus, healthy eating habits are the main cause for the healthier lives of the people of Loma Linda (Medina). The fast food industry has also been linked with many negative effects on the environment. These include the pollution which results due to the disposal

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