Monday, November 4, 2019

The Heroes Living Among Us Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Heroes Living Among Us - Essay Example In a broader term, anyone who puts his or her life in danger to save the lives of others can be considered as a hero. The heroes exist around us. They are from us and are not supernatural beings, but they try to do what others get afraid of. Now let us analyze what qualities are possessed by a hero. To my mind, someone who goes over and above what is expected of him, beyond his determined duty in order to help those who are in need can be categorized as a hero. The police officers can also be regarded as heroes, who take significant risk of their lives to fight against the outlaws and capture them to disarm and safeguard other people and their lives. Take the example of a police officer who dives into the deep sea just to save the inmates of a sinking car or who fights bravely against the terrorists. We may always find heroic police officers passionate, loving and helpful to others who are in need. There are certainly risks involved with being a police officer as he has to do many jobs that help society, but are dangerous (such as roofers and fishers) (Bargainnier & Dove 39). With the benefits that so many cops get and the obvious reasons to go into law enforcement (there is very high competition right now), there are also many risks involved. There are numerous examples of courage that are shown by the police personnel who sacrifice their lives to save the lives of others at the debacle of World Trade Center. The name of Benjamin Clark was very famous due to his courage that saved hundreds of lives in the South Tower. We rightly admire the people who are Marines, firefighters and cops as they rush to various scenes in emergency to save the lives and property of the victims (Bargainnier & Dove 47). It is right to honor the courage of people of the mentioned services who showed their bravery at gory incident of 9/11. The act of government to confer them with highest award of the country would definitely encourage others to follow their suit. Their

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