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Alternative Solutions Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Alternative Solutions Analysis - Essay Example Following are three alternative solutions to the problem identified by the management and employees of Carriage Enterprises, Inc. A task force is in place and will meet to determine which solution will be implemented as the primary plan. Implementation of the plan will require management and direct reports to cooperate and accept the necessary changes for growth and productivity. The management at of Carriage Enterprises, Inc. would like to issue a formal apology to the candidates involved in the hiring misunderstanding. Management does however, understands that an executive management position requires the chosen candidate to possess certain expertise in place usually before the position is given. In this case, management and the chosen candidate both employed recognized that more training in various departments would be necessary, to maintain the position. Therefore, Aa management mentor will work very closely with the individual to strengthen those needednecessary skills in the areas of communication, incentives and public relations. This situation has afforded management provided the opportunity to make rightcorrect the wrong harm done to those employees directly affected by the decision. Our management team has put in place a contingency plan do due to this dilemma., The plan requires the person hired will have to commit to increased training that must be completed satisfactory within one year. This The new manager must also grasp andfully comprehend the strict guidelines required to maintain the position. The management team will also monitor the candidate's through performance on various tests to ensure this personhe/she can handle the upcoming required work schedule and responsibilities. One of theAnother ideas to solve the recent promotion problem at Carriage Enterprises, Inc. , is to promote the more qualified candidate and demote the less qualified candidate. Two key terms will guide the organizations' decision to accept or reject this alternative. These terms are identified and defined by Gomez-Mejia an d Balkin (2002) as decision quality (or the facts used to make a decision), and decision acceptance, which ""is based on people's feelings: decision acceptance happens when people who are affected by a decision like it."". In Tvalidating the quality of this decision, two factors are must be considered in determining whether this would be a sound basis for the decision. FThe first, is a fact based comparison of the qualifications of the two candidates should be made. Unfortunately, since an offer has already been tendered and accepted for the position, it would be risky for there is significant risk for the organization to admit they performedthat less than acceptablepoor quality research on the candidatewas performed prior to making the offer of employment. Secondly, a decision to demote an employee based on job performance is not only reasonable but accepted in the business worlda perfectly acceptable business practice. But Nevertheless, it is too early in this

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