Thursday, August 29, 2019

Treatment of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Servicemen Research Paper

Treatment of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Servicemen - Research Paper Example Research reveals that three categories of person are inflicted on this disorder. These categories could be broadly identified to be ‘war veterans’, ‘assault survivors’ and people diagnosed with ‘painful childhood history’. The research focuses upon military personnel who have developed the PTSD disorders during the various traumatic disorders faced in war (England, 2009). The research throws light on some instances due to which people are subjected to PTSD. Children who are neglected or abused in their childhood days develop this disorder in their youth or in adulthood. The research reflects that people who have a traumatic past are subjected to this disorder when they gradually grow old. Sexual Assault survivors account more in number to become mental patient that is associated with the disorders of PTSD. Women who feel neglected in the society may develop the chances of PTSD (Mayo Clinic 2015). Researchers have collected the information about the military personnel and the fact that becomes known is that around more than one million military U.S. troops were deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, since 2001. These military families have faced with a number of challenges, especially those families where soldiers’ belonging to that family have not returned home. Soldiers are subjected to PTSD as they face in war and subjected to more stress like circumstances in the confrontation. Mental pain is more severe than physical pain. A family member, as well as the soldier, face this disorder due to the traumatic situations they face during the traumatic lifestyle they have incurred. PTSD symptoms are very common among military personnel, as they have to readjust with civilian life after coming from the military background. ‘Hyper vigilance’, ‘nightmares’ and ‘insomnia’ as soldiers try to assimilate and execute their war zone experiences. The se symptoms are likely to be stronger for those who have undergone immense stress during the immediate lifestyle. In RAND study, corporation that provide objective research services, it was found that out of five military veterans deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, one is found to exhibit the symptom of PTSD (Maguen, 2008).

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