Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Chpter 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Chpter 5 - Essay Example In this case, ACM’s code forms the basis of explaining ethical issues due to its big membership spread across most of the countries in the world. The code epitomizes the fundamental principles of TQM such as trustworthiness, integrity and honoring commitments. Overall, the ACM’s code has 24 principles that determine ethics in a situation. The rise of the internet has brought new forms of crimes such as cyber-bullying and identity theft. However, one approach of preventing issues such as identity theft includes awareness that allows an individual to monitor their online activities. In this case, it is important for an individual to be aware of issues such as online scams, spam emails that steal one’s identity, the right software to use online, and information to share  over the internet. Security is pertinent in an issue that involves buying and selling products online. Businesses and customers should know that the failure to remain vigilant was expensive and ca used unanticipated losses. Apparently, web-based security attacks have been on the rise, and there is no sign of them ending soon. In this case,  criminals create  Trojans, malware, spywares, worms, adware, and botnets  to steal information and compromise internet users. However, simple Antivirus software can help an individual ensure that they did not compromise their security while using any software they did not trust the source. Conversely, it is important to buy, or download, antivirus from trusted sources since the internet has antivirus programs that are compromised. Finally, it is important to ensure that an individual observed measures that enhanced the privacy of their data online. With the rise of the social networks, it is important for users to observe the amount of information they released to people in their network. In addition, users should also ensure that they effectively used the privacy setting on these sites to protect their data. On the other hand, an en cryption key is crucial to secure data mostly in institutions such as banks to ensure that data was not available to unauthorized people. While all these measures are useful, security issues remain an area of concern online with hackers devising innovative approaches to steal data. One such ingenious approach is phishing, which lures people to provide their credit card information to hackers and cyber thieves who use the information. Nonetheless, different approaches can prevent an individual from such activities although it is important for individuals to present such information to authorities who will investigate the phishing issue. To protect an individual from phishing, simple toolbars such as Netcraft Toolbar can protect a user from dangerous links. In addition, it is important for internet users to ensure that they visited secure sites by conducting a simple check on the address bar. Finally, creating a back up for all files will protect a user in case their systems were comp romised. Ex. 2: Recent Internet Scam In one of the latest internet scams, internet users are getting email messages purportedly from Microsoft. In this case, the email from the address is a design by a phisher to steal passwords of email users. In this case, the scam targets AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, and Windows Live email addresses with a view of stealing the usernames and passwords of users (Li). The subject of the

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