Tuesday, August 27, 2019

CRM industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

CRM industry - Essay Example Simply speaking, they have to find where to buy what with the greatest benefit for the company. Information systems for strategic sourcing evolved from simple on-line catalogues to more complex on-line procurement transaction terminals, and even more: "Advanced eSourcing systems went a little bit further than comparing just the price. They compare the total cost of ownership, allowing for more flexible bidding and optimizing the overall supply chain" (Ishikawa et al, 2005). The use of IS for strategic sourcing is appreciated throughout the world. With an increasing number of means of communication, such as mobile phones, email, Internet messengers, pagers, video conferences, etc. contacting your business partner, customer, or employee becomes easy as never before. However such variety in communication devices brings another challenge on the scene: what is the best way to deliver your message to your contact' Since there is never an agreement on communication preferences, the best way is not to use single mean of communication, but rather select them all with the help of unified communication systems (UCS). They serve as a bridge between communication and IT infrastructures allowing its users "maximum choice and flexibility over how, where and when they wish to communicate. UC systems will intelligently route voice and data messages to the user's preferred communication device based on the user's profile." (Jennings, 2006) So UCS may be vital for companies that rely on fast and accurate information flows. Business Intelligence Today the success of a business greatly depends on the feedback that managers receive from company operations. Health of an enterprise is constantly monitored and analysed in order to avoid unexpected failures. Business intelligence without the use of IT is as ineffective as diagnosis without medical equipment. Management needs to get comprehensive information on factors affecting a business. Indicators and metrices on sales, production or internal operations serve as the best base for decision making. Software used for business intelligence may be divided into storing and analyzing the performance, or internal operations and tools for more "human" side of the businesses, i.e. CRM and marketing tools. Nowadays, BI software is still limited with rather slow dynamics. Systems are updated monthly, weekly, or daily. Meanwhile, Golfarelli (2005) argues that "'daily updates are unacceptable whenever an immediate decision must be kept. This is the case for many applications in the industria l world". Thus the business intelligence industry is currently working on dynamic instant updates of information, which will allow using it effectively in every business. Security and Privacy Information stored within companies along with their technology infrastructure often presents the base for their competitive advantages. That is why security issues become increasingly important with the ever growing use of IT in business. Of course, the main driving forces behind security developments are banks. Modern security information systems include not only reactive but proactive measures as protection from perceived threats, such as surveillance, encryption, and

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