Friday, August 9, 2019

Site Survey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Site Survey - Essay Example However, a huge task lies ahead in identifying and locating suitable buildings where these training centers will be set up. A lot has to be considered in identifying this structure because they have to be already in existence and not newly constructed for this purpose (Parkinson, 2001). Therefore, one has to take into consideration the building’s location, volume; distance from major traffic routes and also the effect on the community regarding the structure development in usage (Fowler, 2002). Three potential sites were chosen for an adult education and community centre in this subject. The first site is The Hillingdon House. This building sits at the heart of the St. Andrew’s Park, London. It is a grade II listed three story building built in the 1717 and was used as a hunting lodge, a residence, a training centre for members of the RAF in the 1918 during the war among others, and now the building is currently vacant containing office accommodations used by previous o wners (ASLIB, 2002). The second site is The Stratford High Street Property. This potential space is available at 252 Stratford High Street, Stratford London. It is spacious and can accommodate a good number of people. It is at the heart of M25, at the junction with Rick Robert’s way (Dobson, 2002). ... Plus features and drawbacks for the potential sites Plus points for The Hillingdon House are centered mainly on its location and atmosphere. The atmosphere surrounding the building is serene which makes it a suitable place for a training center. The building is located among some residential area so people can walk there without the need of transportation. The building has a parking space, and there are other parking spaces within walking distance to the building which makes it even more perfect. The building is also located within walking distance from many transport links. The only disadvantage of the structure is that it is not located in a significant market centre; where it would have been accessible to people living in other towns as well other than Holborn town. The advantage of The Stratford High Street is; it is within walking distance for residents in the city. Transportation is excellent with several bus routes and Stratford High street (DLR line) station being located app roximately 300 meters form the premises. This makes it very easy to access it. The building’s position could also be a disadvantage because it is right in the middle of traffic; which means that there could be a lot of noise and other distractions which are not suitable for a training center. The plus point of the Dreams Curtains Designs is; it has the ability to hold a large number of individuals. This structure can be accessed on foot. There is a large parking space that can accommodate over 90 vehicles. The significant disadvantage of the site is; the presence of another adult learning center. Chosen potential site I will base my research on the third building, the Dreams Curtains Designs.

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