Friday, August 16, 2019

Msn Entrance Essay Example Essay

â€Å"I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse. † (Florence Nightingale) The reasons that I wish to pursue a Masters of Science in Nursing are many. I have been practicing as a nurse since I graduated with a BSN degree in 2010 from East Tennessee State University. For two years I have worked as a Dialysis Unit Nurse and it has been during this time that my passion for the vocation of nursing has truly bloomed. Through this experience I have learned the value of keeping to one’s dreams and persevering. Despite the fact it has taken me some time to obtain my Bachelors degree it has only inspired me to continue on to get my Masters so I can expand my knowledge of the nursing profession and all that it entails. A Masters degree would also help me in my future career goals and aspirations, which is to be able to assist those in the rural areas of our community. Nursing, in my opinion, is one of the most significant professions that one can be blessed to acquire. To those who pursue this field know it is a career that requires far more than simply an education even though the knowledge acquired from a degree is extremely important and necessary, by grasping rationale of the laws and regulations that rule nursing. A career in nursing requires someone to have compassion, sympathy, and care for others, especially those who are suffering from pain, illness and lack the understanding of what is happening to them or a loved one. It is a career of humanity, and it is this that first attracted me to a Masters degree in Nursing. My philosophy about nursing is that it is a career that one has to work hard for, but also a career that a person needs to have to a natural affinity for. I also believe one must have a commitment to helping others not expecting anything in return but a smile and knowing when you go home you gave your all. The ability to be a compassionate, caring nurse is what I hope to bring to the Masters degree in Nursing Program, gaining the knowledge and experience of the instructors, along with the clinical experiences is what I plan to get from it. In terms of my professional goals and aspirations, my plan is to acquire my Masters degree in Nursing, specializing as a Family Registered Nurse Practitioner. With this degree, I can continue to pursue my dream of offering long term care to those in rural areas and expand it to include a small clinic where I can offer healthcare services such as treatment after examinations, counseling and prescriptions. This clinic would give me the opportunity to have a strong presence within the community, a commitment that is very important to me, and I would be able to offer the best patient service available. I would be able to help others who are in need of healthcare but possibly not comfortable going to a doctor. When treating, prescribing medications, and referring patients I will work in conjunction with local collaborating businesses to help ease the cost to those in need of financial assistance. Thank you for your time to allow me to tell you my heart, give you my vision of future goals and the opportunity to apply to your Masters Program at East Tennessee State University. I will await your final decision with great anticipation.

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