Saturday, August 24, 2019

Review of What Management Is Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Review of What Management Is - Essay Example Management has been the key to innovation for success in the past as well as the present. It contains such principles which are jargon-free. She studied how different people work together and emphasized all ideas for effective management should be transmitted into action to get better performance. This theory was supported on the basis of case studies considering dell, for hospitals etc. only such people should be hired in the organization who have capabilities to deal with challenging situations. Management is not only used in business, nowadays management is required for every work. For instance, if one has made choice in any decision or it is related to the community, one should first know the definition of management and should also identify both good as well as bad aspects. In an organization, managers have limited resources they should be able to manage those in accordance with the requirement. In order to become a manager, no training is needed i.e. normally many managers do not possess any formal diploma in management, rather a diploma doesn’t prove that a person is a good manager (Magretta Joan 15). Managers work efficiently only because they have work pressure because of which they prefer to work in teams, find the quick solution to the problems and try to make an effective decision in a short time. To be a manager is the most critical job compared to other professions. Managers are the sole person who helps us identify whether social institutions are serving us properly or not. So one should band the tradition of thinking of a managerial work, in spite should adopt it in practice so that difficult problems can be solved and performance can be improved further (Mintzberg Henry  165).  

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