Saturday, September 14, 2019

Are Energy Drinks Bad for You or Good

When people ask you, â€Å"What are energy drinks? † Everybody say drinks that give you energy. They are wrong. Energy drinks are beverages that claim to give an extra boost of energy from caffeine. Energy drinks such as Red Bull or Rock star are good and bad for your bodies. Red Bull (Energy Drink) Good qualities that energy drinks have are that there non-alcoholic. This means that the more teens that buy this, the less chance of accidents and situations to do with the law the teens have to go through. Sometimes Energy Drinks keep you awake from times you can’t/don’t want to be asleep. There are many bad qualities when it comes to Energy drinks. If a person of some kind consumed to many energy drinks, it can lead to heart problems or possibly death, as the caffeine rates in these drinks are jaw-droopingly gigantic. Caffeine can also cause Tremor / shaking, chest pains, and lots of headaches. Some teenagers mix alcohol with energy drinks at parties, which is a deathly and dangerous mixture. Questions you can ask yourself is: 1. Do I want to have a body with a lot of caffeine? 2. Do I want to ruin my life? 3. Alcohol or Non-alcoholic? 4. Do I need to suffer? Overall energy drinks are bad and not good for athletes. There are times to use energy drinks and times not too. But before you make your decision, think of the questions I asked you. And see if you want a good body or bad body. Make your mind up ?

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