Friday, September 27, 2019

Families Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Families - Essay Example More and more people are now open to having an equal footing in gender relationships, with the man not being â€Å"in charge† of the family. Admittedly there is some rancor due to these changes as well, but there are positive effects of these changing gender relationships on our values. Firstly, due to the fact that women are now also contributing to the economic well being of the family by earning, men have less pressure and stress on them. Men no longer have to cope with being sole bread earners for their families, nor do the families look up to them for their financial well being. This relieves a lot of stress from men, and women are now able to understand what working outside entails. Moreover, due to these changes, men and women are expected to be more open to each other emotionally, as both of them get a better understanding of each other when they share roles and responsibilities on an equal footing. This openness in communication also positively affects child rearing. This ensures, to quite an extent, the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the members of the family, as problems can be discussed more openly and understood much better. Due to these changing gender relationships, children are not told to mold themselves to a pattern, which is preset for them by society. Children have the freedom to decide what role they will adapt once they grow up. Girls are not limited to only household chores, and boys are not told to â€Å"man up† and hide their emotional and psychological trauma. This promotes equality in the household, resulting in better well-adjusted future adults. What is more, as children are not expected to follow a strict gender role, they are freer to express their desires and fears with their parents. Finally, this enables women to see themselves as more than just extensions of the males in their households. They have the freedom to become persons within themselves, and are not bound to anyone due to economic reasons, but

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