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Compare and contrast Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Compare and contrast - Research Paper Example Consequently, the two stories may present a conflict that exists between two parties but also express some differences in the cause, plot, setting, and resolution of the existing conflict. Plot and Themes In the story, ‘punishment’, the theme that is brought out in terms of multifaceted human interrelations and behaviors is the theme of women oppression. The author aims at enlightening the position of women in the society in relation to social issues and the sacrifices they have to take to put the point to the society. The two women puts it clearly in the storyline that they are against their husbands commands on their life. The storyline seeks to open the women’s eyes to freedom from oppressive men regardless of the price whereby Chandara is determined to die rather than marrying a man the she knew would have authority of her life. Furthermore, the two women, Radha and Chandara, have a fierce relationships and the author indicates that the two spent most of their time fighting despite their close family relationship ties. Surprisingly, Dukhiram kills his wife Radha after a quarrel but the information given to the authorities is very different whereby the brother to Dukhiram inflicts his wife Chandara as the suspect in favor of his bother. This instance further reveal the complex relation s that the two men and their women. The story ends with Chandara being found guilty of an offence not committed but could not defend herself against her husband because of the oppressive powers men had over their women in India. However, the story â€Å"The conscience of the court,† brings out the theme of loyalty and devotion, but at the same time brings out the theme of, human relationship, oppressive human behavior, and desire of men to mistreat women in the society. This is different from ‘punishment’ because the black domestic worker was loyal to her master in contrast to the case whereby the two wives did not show loyalty to their husbands. Lee, the domestic worker stands out of her limit to protect her master’s, Miss Clairborne, property despite having a loan to the white man. â€Å"I am an unlearnt woman and common-clad†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Hurston 102) indicate that Lee had few opportunities to pay the loan. However, Beasley the owed white man by Lee was determined to oppress Lee further by confiscating her employee property that would have rendered her jobless. Lee makes a sacrifice that no other woman would do to protect the property by confronting the man out of the loyalty she has for her master and she states, â€Å"I love her so hard, and I can’t help myself† â€Å"(Dabritz 112). Setting Both the stories are set on a close human relationship background whereby the story by Hurston involves a domestic worker and her master and that of Tagore entails a family. The story â€Å"punishment† is set in in an Indian village to depict the Indian culture. Indian women have less power in the society whereby men have a history of oppressing them because of their culture. The story is set on family background to put out the theme of women oppression by the culture and the injustices that Indian women face in courts despite being innocent. The context reveals the approaches that the society should take to incorporate western practices and principles without dissolving the Indian cultur

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