Monday, September 16, 2019

Decision making on workplace Essay

In my workplace I look after a gentleman who likes to go to the shops on his own. He is deemed too have mental capacity to make this decision. On making this decision it was discussed with him what certain protocols we needed to put in place to support him and to make this happen safely. This man is very much involved in his care plan and he has read, and reviews his care plan when changes are needed. Firstly it was explained to this man that we needed to put a risk assessment in place which says if anything was to happen to him when he was out and about that he took full responsibility of what might happen, for example if this man was to fall when out by himself that the workplace would take no responsibility for this, this man was very happy with this statement and was willing to sign and agree to this risk assessment. The family were also made aware of this decision and were happy for this to be put in place. Family suggested that maybe before he goes out that he was to tell a member of staff where and when he was going, just so that someone is aware. All parties agreed to this. Letting this man go out to the shops by himself really helps with his self-esteem because it makes him feel important, respected and makes him feel like he is as independent as possible and that he doesn’t have to ask all the time about what he wants to do. Also if any changes have been made to his care plan for whatever reason he is always consulted first and asked if he is happy with the decisions that are being made. If he isn’t happy for whatever reason he is more than capable to speak up and say what he would like or prefer. On the other hand if this man didn’t have the mental capacity to make any of these decision or had no family to make decisions on behalf of him and advocate would be brought in and they would be able to make best interest decisions on behalf of him.

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