Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Establishment of Personal and Professional Relationships Essay

The Establishment of Personal and Professional Relationships - Essay Example Through Year Up, I believe that I would gain additional skills and experiences with which I might use to help others more effectively and more comprehensively in the future. In this way, I am almost a representative candidate, meaning that many others will benefit from my participation in your program. Regarding more specific goals, I am eager to combine my interest and aptitude in math with the technology courses and training that your organization offers. Although I am young, at twenty years of age, I have a vision of the future that suggests a more interdisciplinary approach to social and business problems. Technology can no more solve important problems in isolation than can philosophy or ethics or law; quite the contrary, as your program acknowledges with its broadly conceived program, modern problem-solving demands a fusing of disciplines, such as technology, leadership, and organizational management, in order to implement the most effective solutions. I want to be a part of th is interdisciplinary future, this notion that corporate social responsibility can empower individuals too often shut out of important positions, and I want to share my education with others to give them the same opportunities that I have been given in my life. In the final analysis, I believe that I am a model candidate because my goals are consistent with yours and because I firmly believe in empowering individuals through training, education, and the establishment of personal and professional relationships which can be used to help people and communities in need.

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