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Rosenfeld and the Chocolate factory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Rosenfeld and the Chocolate factory - Essay Example Rosenfeld and the Chocolate factory During the period 1969 to 2008, the company Cadbury was formally known as Cadbury Schweppes plc. This company was one of the finest confectioneries of UK and other countries. The company’s approach in managing the human resources and business strategy was very systematic and unique. The company followed the traditional human resource management principles and approaches. Most of the traditional human resource approaches use the external factors to determine the Human Resource (HR) policy of the company and resource utilization factors. Cadbury had always maintained a congenial and pleasant working atmosphere. Most of the industries during the period 1879 to 1899 in UK lacked trade unions. Cadbury was incurring meagre amount of losses during this period but still the management gave incentives to the workers. The company had become popular because of its employee friendly nature and the workforce increased from 230 to 2685 during the period 1879 to 1899. Traditionally it was be lieved that labour was a cheap source of capital but Cadbury believed that economizing on labour was unethical and the workers should be regarded as invaluable asset of the company (Price, 2007). Till now Cadbury has taken certain human resource initiatives like sharpening of employee learning skills by imparting extensive training program and conducting managing by value programs (Kozami, 2002). The program focused on interacting and understanding the values of the employees. The company was a member of organizations like Business in the Community and Institute of Business Ethics. (Simms, 2005). Cadbury Schweppes believed that for a successful company a set of business ethics is very important because it improves the productivity of the workers and employees. Cadbury Schweppes was taken over by Kraft Foods Group Inc in the year 2010 by ?11.5 billion (House of Commons, 2011). Employment Values of Kraft Food Group Inc The takeover of Cadbury over Kraft Foods was disapproved largely b y the employees of Cadbury and the Britishers. The employees of Cadbury were unsure about the security of their jobs. The management of Kraft had claimed that after the acquisition they would not shut down any of the Cadbury’s plants and had made some commitments to employees. Kraft had failed to keep its commitment by closing down the Somerdale factory which was one of the major chocolate manufacturing industries of Cadbury (House of Commons, 2010). Some economist believed that the management of Kraft lacked sufficient knowledge and expertise to operate the Somerdale Factory. The management of the Kraft Foods stated that it would honour the terms and condition given to workforce of Somerdale factory after the closure of the factory. The HR director of Kraft, Mr. Richard Doyle claimed that along with severance packages, a job centre facility was available to the workforce of Somerdale factory (House of Commons, 2010). The CEO of Kraft foods Ms. Irene Rosenfeld did not give an y specific job guarantees to the workforce of Cadbury. Kraft Foods is preparing to close the salary pension scheme that was provided to the workforce of Cadbury and cut up to 150 jobs. Moreover, the former employees of Cadbury have not been feeling safe and secure about their future. This can hamper the productivity of Kraft Foods. Answer 2 Organizational change of values and relationships Leadership

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