Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Developing Professional Practice and Using Information in HR Essay - 1

Developing Professional Practice and Using Information in HR - Essay Example According to the discussion human resource managers are well aware of the potential of the employees working in the firm, they are in a better position to decide on behalf of the employees instead of the top management. Top management is just concerned mainly with the profitability and productivity of the firm, the other aspects are handled by the human resource management.From this paper it is clear that at the present time, it is vital for the business organisations to understand the pre-requisites of these professionals and provide them with the mandatory resources for efficient management of the entire workforce.   When any department is equipped with all the necessary resource needed for doing the job effectively, along with the required technology, then there stands a good chance that all work operation run smoothly. Talent and skills go hand in hand with the required resources for delivering exemplary performance.  The key social trends identified in the Davidsons case are creating the employment issues because the females lack the required set of expertise and capabilities to perform the obligatory tasks. Majority of the employees are willing to work as part-time as they want to avail various opportunities of earning sufficient amount of money. Since the customers’ complaints have increased as well, it shows that the employees need to develop their working abilities so that they can achieve their performance goals. Customer complaints are not a good sign and hence employee performances need to be reviewed to ensure that things are working in the right direction. As the employees are given wages below the industry standards at Davidsons, they are looking for new jobs in other supermarkets. All employees interact with other employees in the same

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