Thursday, September 26, 2019

Dietary(Nutritional) recommendations for Asthma Essay

Dietary(Nutritional) recommendations for Asthma - Essay Example The presence of antioxidants in foods rich in these substances provides a relief of asthma symptoms (Gelfand 2012). But, more research needs to be conducted to understand the relationship between diet and asthma. Also, it is unclear if taking supplements provide definite protection against asthma development. This is because many studies which used vitamins and supplements to reverse effects of asthma have remained unsuccessful. Therefore, it is considered unlikely that food supplements will improve control on asthma (Gelfand 2012). It is important to reduce intake of alcohol and coffee because GERD or acid reflux is a big problem in 70% of asthma patients (CDC 2011). Bronchodilators are used to treat asthma and to avoid nasty drug-food interactions, it is recommended to take them with food to avoid stomach upset (Bellows & Moore 2013). In pregnant patients, treatment with inhaled corticosteroids like prednisolone is important to reduce risk of asthma exacerbations during pregnancy ( National Asthma Council Australia 2013). National Asthma Council Australia 2013, ‘Asthma and Healthy Living. An information paper for health professionals’, viewed 12 May 2014,

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